About Us

We are a registered Charity and limited company run by a Board of Directors, Trustees and a Membership Committee

Board of Directors

Director : Kevin Cromwell

Company Secretary : Julie Greening


Kevin Cromwell

Julie Greening

       Committee members:

Paul Johnson : Solicitor

Simon Raywood: Town Councillor Priors Park Ward

Wendy Spence

Trevor Bunt

Christine Danter

Nora Halling

Project Manager

Ruth Ward

Volunteers (10)

Jubilee II  - new home of the Priors Park Neighbourhood Project


We have one full time member based at Jubilee II which is open Monday to Thursday 8am - 4pm (Friday is an Admin day). 

We would like to welcome our new Project Manager, Ruth Ward who is looking forward to meeting local residents, and local provisions.  Feel free to pop in and meet Ruth and discuss any issues and ideas you may have to help take the project forward?